Electric Motors

I miss watching TV. One of the shows I frequently watched before was a team of special effects experts who try and test myths and validate them to see if there is some truth to the said myths. But now, I only get to watch children’s shows, thanks to my two kids. Anyway in this show, they try to use scientific methods to test the validity of myths, adages, rumors and stories among others. The hosts and their build team come up with complex rigs to try and replicate the circumstances of the myth. They don’t skimp on materials either; they have destroyed several cars and trucks in trying to verify myths. Some wrecks are so severe that they need to use Hydraulic rams to get to their crash test dummy, aptly named Buster. Most of the rigs and sets they use are impressive, using Electric motors, and controlled by computer programs to have consistent repeated actions. They don’t play with safety either as they use a Hydraulic valve or pressure relief valves when needed. This is truly one of the few shows that make science cool and interesting. I really have to check the TV guide so I can watch the show when the kids are all asleep.

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