I'm back

It feels good to be back. After a loooonnnggg break from the preps, due to our ISO audit, here i am again. I miss blogging, bloghopping, surfing, chatting and of course the preparations... Anyway, we only have 7 days left before the big day and we still have a lot to do. (See my june 1 post). I wish Paul and I can finish everything at least by thursday to have time to rest by friday to look refreshed on our big day.
My parents arrived last thursday and I was happy to see them again. My family is complete again. Paul will be arriving by 10am today. I'll be picking him up at the airport (at least now I have someone to help me with the preparations.) After he arrives we will meet our coordinator and my designer. I still need to buy my bridal shoes so that my designer can put beads on it. I fit my gown last thursday and holla!!! I gained weight!!! (so stupid of me!!! sarap kumain eh!) They need to adjust half inch on both sides so that my gown will look ok. I need to visit them later to fit again. haayyy... I hope it fits me well this time.
That's about it for now... I still need to prepare some documents for our meeting with the coordinator later. Please pray for our preparations and for the big day!

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June 1 update

Haaayyy… with just 17 days remaining, here are the things I still need to accomplish for the wedding:

1. Church
* Full payment – June 9
* Submit wedding banns
* Talk to the organist for the song list (dito ako medyo kinakabahan. Parang mas gusto kong mag string quartet na lang. haaayyy)
* For printing ng misallette
* Assign readers and offerors

2. Manila Pavilion
* Full payment – June 9
* Finalize lay out, floor plan / seat plan
* To exchange guest book for something else, we will be using guest sheets kasi
* To confirm early check in on june 18

3. Gowns:
* Second fitting ng veil sponsor ko on june 3
* My mom’s first fitting sa june 9 pagdating niya from US
* To schedule final fitting and pick up ng gowns pag punta ko on june 3
* Full payment upon receipt of all gowns
* To buy bridal shoes

4. Barongs:
* Papatahi pa lang barong ni paul when he arrives. June 11 pa dating nya. haayyy…
* Same thing with my dad, sa june 9 naman dadating
* Buy shoes for paul

5. Meet with suppliers for last minute instruction and final plan
* Photo / video (emil buencamino)
* Flowers (boy mahusay)
* Sound system (c/o my friend)

6. Other to dos:
* Guest sheet layout
* Song list (ok na. confirm ko na lang ulit with paul)
* RSVP pa din
* Seating arrangement
* Finalize program, to meet with kitte
* Meet din with abie (our emcee)

7. Things to buy:
* Additional gift for the sponsors
* Candle holder for the centerpiece
* Candles for offertory
* Match for the candle sponsor
* Papers for misallette
* Envelope for the thank you cards
* Pens for the guest sheets
* Basket for the offertory and fruits na din
* Frames for photo gallery for the registration table

It's just really difficult now coz the wedding is getting close and I can't go hands on now with the preparations because of my work. Our ISO surveillance audit is on June 8 and I'm the one handling it kaya I can't focus on the preps now.

I know prayers can do wonders, with God's grace, everything will turn out the way we wanted it (both in the audit and during the big day!)

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