Bowling and blessing

One of my officemates arranged a bowling tournament last wednesday at starmall. We really had fun and everyone had a great time considering that we paid more than the games we played. This is because of the cash price for the winners of the tournament. There were 6 teams and each team has 5 members. Our team got fourth place, ang layo no! hehehe! Sayang nga eh coz during the elimination we got 3rd place and 3 points lang yung advantage nung 2nd place sa amin. We could have competed for the championship. Pero since we got a lower score we competed for 3rd place and lost (hehehe!) kaya 4th place kami. But it's ok coz we all had a great time! To my teammates, bawi tayo next time kung meron ulit! hehehe! My average, as usual 100. I wish mag improve to! :)


my makukulit na officemates before the game starts

picture taking muna while waiting for the others

Tapos the sunday before that (Sept 18), my cousin naman had her condo unit blessed. It's somewhere in buendia (i forgot how it's called but it's one of those cityland condo's, may ibang tawag sa kanya, i can't remember what! poor memory!) My sister and I got there around 2pm tapos we ate agad. Gutom eh! hehehe! I also had a great time there because I saw my cousins again and walang katapusang chikahan and kulitan! We haven't seen each other for quite sometime kaya ang saya talaga! Tapos we're happy for our cousin coz finally ok na yung unit niya! Congrats ate jing! Kami kaya ni paul, san magbabahay?.... hmmm...


living room


living room pa din! :D

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Trip to US

Last Sept. 8, my co-worker and I went to the US on a business trip. Our company is working on a new product line that's why we had to go there to meet some company reps in Indianapolis and show them the products we have developed. Business trips aren't really fun. Actually it's very tiring but then again, I get the chance to travel without spending a cent. Kaya lang, during business trips, I only get to see 3 things: airport, hotel, and the client. Yun lang! Swerte na lang kung magkaron kami ng free time.

We stayed at Indianapolis til the 11th, and had an early morning flight the next day to Chicago for a connecting flight to LA. Now here's where things became brighter. I was allowed by my boss to stay for a couple of days in LA to meet some of Toni's relatives. Yipeeee! Toni's mom, aunt and cousin picked me up at the airport then we had lunch at...guess what...Goldilocks! Yes it's the same Goldilocks in the Philippines where they sell cakes and pastries and also traditional filipino food. Ok so it's not western food but still it was very welcome. You see, I have been working in Taiwan for a little over a year now and what I usually have here is real, authentic chinese food, which I'm not particularly very fond of. So lunch at Goldilocks was indeed a very welcome note. We had lechon kawali, kalderetang kambing, chop suey (maybe this isn't filipino food), and fried chicken. Sarap ng filipino food! Nakaka-miss talaga! After lunch, we headed for the house of Toni's cousin where I would be staying for the night. After a few hours of rest, we went to visit some of Toni's relatives who lived just nearby. What was very wonderful was that it was the first time for most of her US-based relatives and I to meet but still they welcomed me warmly. It really felt like we've known each other for a long time na.

The next day, Toni's cousin Mark, took a leave from work to show me around town. We first went to Hollywood Boulevard where I saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese Theater, and Hollywood and Highlands where I finally saw the famous Hollywood sign, though from a distance. Afer that, we went to Universal Studios. Di lang kami pumasok kasi it would take 1 whole day to tour the place but I only had 1 free day in LA kaya I wanted to squeeze in as much as I can for that day so Mark and I just went around the Universal City Walk. It had a lot of souvenir shops, restos and cinemas. Of course I bought some souvenirs from there hehehe. We then headed to Santa Monica which was about an hour's drive in the freeway. It was there where I saw the famous Santa Monica beach. It's really like the one you see in the movies where theres an amusement park in the pier. The beach was really clean and there weren't a lot of people when we were there. We even took off our shoes and waded in the water! The water was very cold by the way hehehe.

Here are some things I noticed during my trip. Food comes in BIG servings, enough maybe for 2 people. The places I have been to were very clean and there were a lot of open spaces. But then I wasn't able to go to the downtown areas so I guess it might be different there. Parking fees are expensive! Even if you had your ticket validated, you still had to pay something.

That about sums up my US trip. Mark and his wife Mawi (they were wed at Las Vegas earlier this year) will have their church wedding in December. Hopefully, Toni and I will be there also. :)

with toni's family :)

mickey mouse' star

look for the hollywood sign hehehe

universal studios

santa monica beach

santa monica pier

wading in the waters of santa monica beach

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W@W Photomosaic

Saw our picture at w@w photomosaic.
Mosaic moments created this one-of-a-kind photo mosaic for W@W composed of pictures of 400+ w@wies (current members and graduates/soon-to-weds and 'newlyweds'). It was put up on display last September 3-4, 2005 at the W@W booth during the Wedding Expo (Got this paragraph from logos section of weddings at work)


Re-exposure of Resize of pic1

this is the pic we submitted to them

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Jackie's Despedida

We had a lunch out last week at Superbowl Gateway for one of our officemate's despedida. She left yesterday for Dubai. We'll miss you Jackie!


Dami naming food!


from left to right: Vangie, Me, Rona, Jenny, Junn, Gen, Jackie, Jane, Sally, Jennifer

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Trip to Taiwan

I had a very wonderful time during my trip to Taiwan. Not only because I went abroad but because I was able to spend time with Paul. There's nothing more I can ask for.

We went to Danshui (parang baywalk nila), Taipei 101 (the tallest bldg in the world), night market and taipei zoo (sa taipei zoo, konti lang nakita namin animals, kakapagod maglakad and hiwa-hiwalay animals nila, unlike sa singapore zoo or even dito sa manila zoo, mas ok pa!). Then we heard mass sa church don where all the churchgoers were Filipinos (pati priest ha! ok nga eh!), and after the mass, we went to Nova where we bought Paul's ipod. Medyo nahirapan pa nga kami kasi they don't have green ipod mini. It's either green na 4gb or 6gb pero hindi green. Buti na lang there's this one store na may natitira pang isang green na 6gb kaya nakabili kami. (syempre kelangan green para match sa motif. I have pink ipod na kasi eh! Arte! hehehe!). We also went to other places pero the place where I enjoyed the most is in Taipei 101 and the malls beside it. Ang bilis ng elevator to 89th floor where they have the observatory deck. It took us 37 secs only from the 5th floor (where you have to buy the ticket) to the 89th floor (yung observatory deck). Bilis di ba! Tapos from there you can view na the city. Ang ganda! They also showed their wind damper (na pina-explain ko pa kay paul kung ano ba purpose non! hehehe! malay ko ba!). Galing kakatuwa!

Pero syempre the most treasured moment ko is whenever we get home. Coz we get to talk more, hug and just be happy coz we're together! Kaya it was difficult when I need to get back na to Manila coz we'll be separated again. We just know in our hearts and minds na even if we're apart, we have that love for each other and that one day, we'll be together again. This time, it's forever! :)



P1020051 P1020124
@ the night market @the back Taipei 101

@ taipei 101 observatory deck


@ taipei zoo

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I've been tagged

Answering the tag from mhay. Nauuso yata to ngayon at na-realize ko medyo mahirap sagutin ha! :)

Seven Things That Scare Me
1) Not having a baby

2) losing loved ones or any of them getting sick
3) snakes and other reptiles
4) insects
5) war
6) natural calamities

Seven Things I Like The Most
1) Traveling

2) reading
3) watching tv or movies
4) shopping
5) eating
6) swimming
7) my cellphone and ipod mini

Seven Random Factos About Me
1) I'm the youngest in our family. Have 1 brother and 1 sister

2) I'm a member of a community called Servants of the Lord's Vineyard
3) I like batman more than superman
4) I watch Alias, Amazing Race, One Tree Hill
5) I'm a certified Kapuso even if I work for a Lopez Group owned company
6) I was Ms. Intrams in our school when i was in grade 4 and Ms. St. Anthony on my 5th grade. hehehe!
7) I don't eat vegetables and I'm not proud of it and I certainly love shrimp!

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1) Bed and pillows

2) Comforter
3) Bible and other reading materials
4) Electric fan / AC
5) Cabinet of clothes, shoes, etc
6) Box of kung ano anong memories
7) Laptop and tv

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1) Buy house and lot

2) Ensure that my kids / family will have a good future
3) Travel around the world
4) Put up a business
5) Serve God in whatever way I can
6) Donate to charity
7) Join a pilgrimage to the holy land

Seven Things I Can Do
1) I can swim (all four strokes)

2) I can speak and understand a little of chinese mandarin
3) I can spend a whole day in front of the pc
4) I can dance
5) I can drive
6) I can wiggle my ears and fold my tongue
7) I can chat, talk on the phone and do my work all at the same time (multi-tasking! hehehe!)

Seven Things I Can't Do
1) I can't sing (sigh!)

2) I can't cook (sigh ulit! but i'm learning...)
3) I can't eat exotic foods
4) I can't last a day without using my cellphone
5) I can't draw
6) I can't stay mad too long (same with cynch)
7) I can't remember names of new acquaintances (read: ulyanin!)

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1) Love for God and Family

2) Responsible
3) Has a sense of humor
4) Intelligent and you can talk to him about anything
5) Simple
6) Loves music and can play an instrument
7) Nice hands

Seven Things I Say The Most
1) Hi / hello

2) My goodness
3) Oh well
4) Weh! Di nga?
5) Shocks
6) Grabe
7) Pucha

Seven Celeb Crushes (whether foreign or local)
1) Brad Pitt

2) Tom Cruise
3) Johnny Depp
4) Ian Veneracion
5) Paul Tadeo (love my own! hehehe! artista to! promise!)

Seven People You Want To Take This Quiz
1) Peachy

2) Micholle
3) Joni
4) Pao
5) Trina
6) Joy
7) Kitts

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Ipod Mini

Paul and I now have our ipod minis. We bought these colors because it matches our motif when we got married. (Hehehe! Pati sa ipod motif din.) I bought mine here in Manila while Paul bought his last week in Taiwan when I visited him. Here's a pic of our ipod. Paul's ipod is green while mine is pink. We now have something to while away the time during our daily commute

our ipod

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The Half-Blood Prince

I'm currently reading this book. Paul bought it when I arrived here so that I won't get bored when he goes to work (he also bought a lot of food to go with it! hehehe!!!). I started reading it yesterday and I'm at chapter 5 i think. Can't wait till I get to the next chapter. Heard stories about it and I can't wait till I finish reading. That's it for now, got to get back to bed and start reading again. :)


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