Dampa Sa Libis

I had lunch last Wednesday at Dampa sa Libis. Was so excited to eat there because I was craving for buttered shrimp. One of the groups in our office invited us for lunch coz two of their members will treat us. One is celebrating his birthday while the other one got a big commission. Kami, sabit lang! hehehe!

We had buttered shrimp (of course!), sinigang na hipon, pinaputok na tilapia, calamares, stuffed squid, baked tahong, and ensaladang mangga. Saraapppp!!!! Parang fiesta. All of us were full upon finishing all the food. And I really enjoyed the buttered shrimp! Yummy!!!

Then after eating, while we were resting and waiting for the bill, Angel Locsin arrived. The boys were really having a good time just by looking at her. And she’s really pretty. One of my officemates approached her and asked if it’s alright to have a picture with her (as if naman tatanggi si angel! Hehe!). So when Angel said it’s ok, all of the boys, one by one had a picture with her. Didn’t join them anymore coz I was full. Ok na for me to see her from where I’m sitting.

Lunch at Dampa was great… looking forward to buttered shrimps again! Hehe!

sila habang wala pa ako

broadband group

busog na

angel and rod

jon, rey and angel

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Disneyland No More!

I was so looking forward to celebrating my birthday next month together with Aldus and Margo’s (my pamangkins) birthday at Disneyland Hong Kong. We’ve planned this last year pa and I was really excited about this. All the while I thought I was still included in the plan. I even asked permission from my OB if it’s all right for me to go and she allowed me. I even had TVS to check if my baby’s ok. Tapos I was informed last Saturday that I’m not included in the plan anymore. What’s so irritating and painful is that they did not tell me of their plans. I just learned it from my cousin who called me up last sat looking for my sister coz my sister told her that she’ll be going to megamall to buy tickets for HK. As in duh!!! Where was I on their plans? Our original plan was to go to mega on Sunday for the tickets. I didn’t know that they changed plans na pala. I know they mean well by not including me on the trip. I know they’re just concerned of my health and of the baby. But hey, why didn’t they even tell me that they don’t want me to go anymore? It’s just so frustrating. I was looking forward to this vacation mainly because this will be the last time I’ll be spending it with my pamangkins. They’ll be migrating to another country by next year and I’m sure gonna miss them. Tapos I’ll be spending it with Paul also so sayang talaga! Hayyy!!! I was really mad and sad last weekend pero ganon talaga eh! Haayyyy….

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My First Ultrasound


That tiny little thing you see is our baby (that is if you can see it! Hehe! Liit pa eh!) I went to the hospital last Wednesday for my first transvaginal ultrasound. My OB advised me to have one because I’m planning to go out of the country for a vacation and if it’s safe for me to travel.

Anyway, I was scared when I went to the hospital coz I already had TVS before and I didn’t like it. But thank God this one’s better, much, much better. The OB who examined me was nice and gentle but most of all, it was such a wonderful feeling when I looked in the monitor and saw our baby. It was really amazing!!! Especially when I saw the heart beating. It’s still small but I just can’t describe how I felt when I saw it.

After I got the result of my TVS, I went to my OB and my OB told me that it’s safe for me to go out for vacation. Yahoo!!! She just told me what I needed to eat and do for the next couple of days. Then I’ll visit her again next month. We pray that the pregnancy goes well and without a hitch.

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Tagged By Mhay

4 jobs i've had in my life
1. Adtel – first job and I’m still here

4 movies i could watch over and over
2. Godfather
3. Harry Potter
4. The American President

4 Places I've Lived
1. Palanan, Makati
2. Fort Bonifacio
3. Marikina City

4 tv shows i love to watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. The OC
3. Amazing Race
4. Eat Bulaga

4 Places I've Been on Vacation
1. Boracay
2. El Nido
3. Singapore and Malaysia
4. Taiwan

4 websites i visit daily
1. Yahoo!
2. Blogs
3. INQ7
4. Egroups

4 of my favorite foods
1. Pasta
2. Pizza
3. Chocolates
4. Ice Cream

4 places i'd rather be right now
1. Taiwan with Paul
2. US with my parents
3. at home to sleep
4. Europe

4 bloggers i'm tagging
1. joni
2. micholle
3. leslie
4. jeanny

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Two Pink Stripes


Need I say more? Hehehe! I went to my OB this afternoon and presented this pregnancy test. She asked the date of my last menstrual period and then told me that I was 5-6 weeks pregnant. She issued me vitamins and other medicines to take and told me to have my transvaginal ultrasound by February 8.

Upon hearing this, I texted Paul and told him the good news. Actually I told Paul already that I’m delayed so he kinda had a hunch na. Confirmation na lang yung kanina and we’re really happy.
We just hope that everything will work out fine. Thank God for this gift. :)

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