My First Ultrasound


That tiny little thing you see is our baby (that is if you can see it! Hehe! Liit pa eh!) I went to the hospital last Wednesday for my first transvaginal ultrasound. My OB advised me to have one because I’m planning to go out of the country for a vacation and if it’s safe for me to travel.

Anyway, I was scared when I went to the hospital coz I already had TVS before and I didn’t like it. But thank God this one’s better, much, much better. The OB who examined me was nice and gentle but most of all, it was such a wonderful feeling when I looked in the monitor and saw our baby. It was really amazing!!! Especially when I saw the heart beating. It’s still small but I just can’t describe how I felt when I saw it.

After I got the result of my TVS, I went to my OB and my OB told me that it’s safe for me to go out for vacation. Yahoo!!! She just told me what I needed to eat and do for the next couple of days. Then I’ll visit her again next month. We pray that the pregnancy goes well and without a hitch.

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MrsPartyGirl said...

how cute, and how exciting! :) its amazing how something so little can bring us such great joy, no? :)

congrats again, and take care always :)

Pia said...

hey it's ultrasound season! hehehe. i just had my very first - so hindi TVS whew! good job mommy-to-be! =)

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