Lance’s Weekend

Saturday morning was his schedule for immunization. It’s supposed to be on the 24th but I’m not available on the 24th kaya I moved it to 17. His pedia said that everything’s ok with Lance. He had 5-in-1 shot and he didn’t cry again. His pedia was joking na since Lance is big, macho talaga because he does not cry. He now weighs 8.8kgs. He will also start eating solid food na this month. I’m just waiting for his 6th month para official na 6 months siya when he starts eating solids, and that will be on the 27th. I’ll probably let him eat the weekend following that. I just do some research lang now on what to give him. The pedia advised to give him cerelac tapos one flavor at a time so that if he gets an allergy, it will be easy to pinpoint where he got it. Kaya eto, excited na ko magpakain sa kanya. Hehehe!

Saturday afternoon, we attended the first birthday party of Jinggay (my officemate’s daughter) at Jollibee West. I’m also excited attending this one because this will be Lance’s first time to attend a children’s party. Medyo di naman siya masyado nagsmile pero thank God hindi din naman siya umiyak. Tapos good thing din, my officemates carried him so di kami masyado nag alaga. Hehe! Tapos they were telling me na ang bait daw ni Lance and pwedeng manakaw kasi sumasama sa iba tapos di umiiyak. Hehe! As always, I had fun during the party, love ko talaga kiddie parties eh, and Jollibee never fails to make me laugh. Hehe! Ang babaw ko talaga. We got home at 7 and Lance was asleep na sa car. Siguro he got tired. Here are some pics during the party.

carried by my boss

with the bday girl (kami lang nung daddy yung naka-smile)

Come Sunday, we heard mass at 7:30. Tapos after lunch, my sister wanted to go to Makati because shops are on sale there kaya ayun, I went with her and brought Lance with me since her nanny is ironing our clothes. Lance was really easy to take care of, like what I said before, as long as he’s in his stroller, quiet na siya. Medyo nahirapan lang kami pag akyat-baba ng escalator pero ok naman. I was able to buy curtains (@P150 each) and I also bought a bed sheet for lance @ 50% off. Ang saya di ba! We also tried yung mga bed sheet don while waiting for my sister na namamakyaw ng curtains. hehe! We could have stayed and shopped more pero feeling ko Lance is a little tired na din kaya my sister and I went home na. Ayun, on our way home nakatulog na ulit si Lance. :)

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My Vacation

This is a long overdue post. I went home to Manila last February for a 2 1/2 -week vacation. It was a holiday in Taiwan for the Chinese new year that's why I was able to take a vacation that long. When Toni was at work, I would be the one taking care of Lance. Sometimes we'd go for a stroll outside, bonding moments namin hehe! Like what Toni said in a previous post, kung mainit ang ulo ni Lance, ilalabas lang sya sa bahay tapos quiet na ulit sya. Sabi ko nga lalaking lakwatsero si Lance.

Here's a brief rundown of what we did during my vacation:

Toni and I, along with her sister, was able to catch the movie "Music and Lyrics". It was a nice movie. Toni and I liked the songs there that we downloaded them. Plus I was able to get some new moves!

We also had our family picture taken at blow-up babies. Lance only had a short nap that morning that's why he wouldn't smile very much during the shoot. But like the photographer said, a baby not smiling is so much better than a crying baby. He was so sleepy that right after the shoot, we weren't done putting our things back together he was already asleep.

We also had our 1st trip to Mall of Asia that time. We didn't stay very long though, just bought some stuff and checked it out since we were also going to stay at Westin, now known as Sofitel, for the weekend.

Lance also had his monthly check-up when I was home. The doctor was so surprised when she saw Lance's weight. She said he already had the weight of a 7-8 month old baby, and he was just 5 months at the time! We were told to increase his water intake to taper off his milk consumption.

In the times that we were home, I would just be at his side. I would talk to him, play with him and read to him. Just trying to be a father while I was home.

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I was on half-day leave last Wednesday since it was my birthday. Mag whole day leave sana ako but I have so many things to do kaya half-day na lang. So ayun, upon arriving home, I prepared food ("prepared" = bought) tsaka went na din to the grocery. After that, I took care of Lance na. While we were on the bed, I asked “Lance picture tayo, it’s mommy’s birthday”. So here goes our picture,

Tapos I asked him one more time para isa pang picture (even if he’s a little fussy na, gusto na kasi nya mag drink ng milk) , and here are the results:

At least pinagbigyan niya ko! Hehe!

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My Slumbook

Wifespeaks is celebrating their 2nd year and as an avid reader, i participated in their misis slumbook. so here it goes:
1. What is your (screen) name, and why did you choose that as your screen name?
Toni pag di ko pa-close yung tao :)
Burieks to my family and close friends, my brother gave that name to me (short for buririkay, meaning makulit, maliit, etc)
2. How long have you been married? Have kids?
1 year 9 months. We have a 5 month old son
3. What is your favorite color? And how has your color preference influenced your life (if it has)?
Blue and green, la naman silang masyadong influence sa buhay ko.
4. What are your hobbies?
5. What is your motto in life?
Live life to the fullest
Tsaka sabi nga ng asawa ko; yung golden rule (he who has the gold, makes the rules hehe!)
6. Do you have pets?
7. What are the three adjectives that best describe your spouse?
Responsible, Quiet, Faithful
8. Give three songs that best describe you.
Pass muna, ang hirap ng tanong eh
9. What satisfies you about the work that you do?
Knowledge and experience that I get especially sa mga initiatives like ISO, Six Sigma, Malcolm Baldrige, etc
10. Do you blog? Where? Can we visit?
Welcome to our blog
1. Define Love.
Love is patient and kind. Love allows you to accept the person for who he is.
2. Kakaibang talento mo.
Magaling akong magswimming (yabang!), kaya ko din makipag usap sa phone habang nakikipag-chat sa madaming chatmates at habang nagkukunwaring nagtatrabaho! :D
3. Share your adobo recipe.
Nakakahiya mang aminin, di ako marunong magluto.
4. Describe your current screensaver/wallpaper.
Screensaver none, wallpaper; family pic namin sa blow up babies
5. During your teenage years, what fad/s did you follow? Why?
Bangs na pagkataas-taas sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng aquanet, swatch
6. How many times have you had a broken heart? Which was the worst and how did you recover from it?
Once, when I was cheated, I cried hanggang mamaga yung mata tapos, inuntog ko sarili ko para magising at makipaghiwalay
7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Same as meeya and cez, power to heal para mapagaling ko yung may sakit lalo na sa family ko at syempre lalo na kung si lance yung may sakit
8. What frightens you about getting old?
Being sickly, alone and lonely
9. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Rubber shoes and speedo swimsuits
10. What's your favorite chore?
I don’t do chores now sa house. I just take care lang of lance when I’m home pero if I have to choose, pag dish wash ang gusto ko.
11. Describe your wedding ring.
Simple lang, white gold band na naka-engrave yung name ng asawa ko tsaka wedding date namin
12. If you could have a tattoo, what would it look like?
Yoko talaga ng tattoo pero kung kelangan, butterfly siguro :)
13. What book would you like to be made into a movie? Who would you like to star in it?
Shopaholic Series, don’t know kung sino ok na star for that.
14. Share something that you do not believe in.
Yung mga superstitious beliefs.
15. What qualities are important to you in friendship?
Honesty and trustworthiness
16. So far, what WS topic have you found most helpful? Most entertaining? Most controversial?
Helpful? Tips ng mga misis.
Entertaining? Yung mga chikahan
Controversial? Topic on abortion and divorce
1. First love never dies.
False. Mine did. Patay na yung first love ko, hehe! Joke! I mean di ko na siya love.
2. You can change your partner once you're married.
False. You married him for what he is so why change him. You can change some habits but not his character.
3. The Philippines is worth it.
True. Kahit gusto kong magmigrate somewhere else. Hehe! Pero I still believe in our country. Sana lang may mag rule ng tama at maayos (di naman masamang mangarap di ba!)
4. Women are moodier than men.
False. May mga mood swings din sila at minsan mas matindi pa.
5. James Yap is innocent (Sorry Kris!).
I guess… OA lang siguro si Hope pero pwedeng naging sila nga di nga lang ganon ka OA as stated by Hope. Besides, usually naman yung mga tsismis, lalo na kung ganyan ka-controversial totoo eh. Di naman lalabas kung di totoo unless nga lang gusting sumikat ni Hope.
6. 80s fashion is coming back.
Di ko alam. Di ako aware (corny no!)
7. Angels.
True. I believe that there are angels watching us kaya din sometimes naliligtas tayo sa mga accidents.
8. Good and bad luck come in threes.
False. I don’t count them. :D
9. Destiny.
True. There are reasons why things happen.
10. It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all.
True. When you love, there’s a possibility that you’ll get hurt pero oks lang yon kesa naman you deprive yourself of being loved.

1. What is you favorite skin care product?
No favorite, I just use lotion. Pero sabi nga ng derma ko, get enough sleep and drink lots of water.
2. What do you do to keep fit?
Now? None. I just don’t eat dinner na to loose some weight.
3. Where do you do your bargain shopping?
Di ako madalas magshop. I just wait for the midnight madness or yung mga Karl Edwards na bazaar.
4. Recommend an effective household cleaning item.
Hmm.. Clorox siguro :)
5. Sex.
Do it with your spouse only. Tsaka try different positions para masaya. :)

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Last Monday, my sister and I watched The Pursuit of Happyness at Rockwell. It’s a little dragging but I find it very nice and very touching. It shows the love and care of a father to his son and what he does to provide for the family. It also showed all the trials, sacrifices and hard work the father endured just to earn for a living. Eventually, all those hard work paid off when he got the position as a broker in one of the prestigious stock brokerage firm. Hope you’ll find time to watch it! :)

Side note: Thanks honey for the greeting! And thank you for the sacrifices and love you give for the family. Luv you! Mwah!

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Happy Birthday Honey!!!

You have been such a wonderful partner to me and an amazing mother to Lance. Lance and I thank you for all the love and support. Happy birthday ulit! I love you more than you know!

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Update on Lance

We visited Lance’s pedia last Feb 24 for his monthly well-baby check up. He now weighs 8.3 kgs (so heavy!!), head circumference of 42.5cms and his length is 70cm. He’s only 5 months old and the doctor said that his weight is for 7-8month old babies. The doctor did not advise us to put him on diet. She said that Lance is ok naman. She just advised us to give him more water. Lance was also given 2nd dose of rotarix and for next month he’ll be having his 3rd round of 6-in-1.

Lance has more funny antics now, is becoming talkative (even if he can’t talk yet hehe!). He just loves making sounds and sometimes even fond of shouting. There are times also that I am still sleeping and he’s awake na, he’ll just make sounds if he can’t sleep anymore. He also enjoys strolling in the neighborhood and that whenever he’s crying and I put him in his stroller, he’ll stop crying na. Feeling ko in his mind sabi niya “yehey! broom! broom na!”

I could just go on and on with the things my son has been doing and I’m so thankful with all his developments. I just hope and pray that he’ll continue to grow and be healthy. :)
Belat! (pink bedsheet ko! lol!)
hello there!
i'm happy!
i love my toy!

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Family Pic at Blow Up Babies

Since Paul was here for a couple of weeks last february, we decided to have our first family portrait at Blow Up Babies, and here are the results:

family pic1

family pic2

Ang lulusog namin! hehehe!
Lance was a little sleepy na on the 2nd pic that's why he's not smiling anymore pero ayan, ang lalaki namin. hehehe!

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Music and Lyrics

Paul, my sister and I watched Music and Lyrics last Feb. 20 at gateway mall. I just love Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. They have good chemistry and the movie is nice too. It’s a feel good movie and just right for Valentines Day. I won’t be giving the plot anymore for I think most of you have seen it already and this is a delayed post na. hehe!

I like the song they composed Way Back Into Love and Don’t Write Me Off but what I like most is the song Pop Goes My Heart. Not because of the lyrics or the melody but because of Hugh Grant’s dance steps. Hehe! Paul tried imitating the moves and he’s really funny! Paul is not a good dancer but with this move, you can see his hips moving. Love it! Hehe!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet and wanted to see a feel good movie, this is a must see! :)

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Would You Be A Cool Parent?

You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.
You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.
While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.
You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!

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