I’m quite busy now and visited my blog for a quick update.

Last Tuesday, I had other ocular inspection. This time around we went to subic. We visited dungaree, all hands and camayan. Among the three, we’re leaning towards camayan. The facility is better than the other two and they even have an area for snorkeling. I just hope that it will fit our budget for the company outing.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my dear husband is here for 2 ½ weeks. He arrived last Feb. 14, and has been staying in the house taking
care of Lance since then. I’ve found a new yaya. Hehe! I’m just glad that they have time to bond because the only time that Paul was here was when I gave birth and last November when Lance was baptized. But he just stayed over the weekend at that time. Now Paul is really catching up on the times he was gone. He’s the one taking care of Lance whenever I’m at work, and he’s really having fun especially now that Lance smiles a lot and is doing many tricks already. I’m sure they’ll both miss each other when Paul leaves again.

Anyway, since Paul is here, I went on leave yesterday to have a family photo shoot at blow-up-babies. We’ll get the proofs next week and I’ll post it here in our blog. Paul and I have so many plans, kaanis lang because I have so many things to do that I can’t go on at least a 3 day leave. Hopefully next week, I’ll have more time to spend with them. This weekend we’ll check in at Westin with my sister then we’ll go to MOA. Hehe! We’re all excited coz that will be our first time to go to MOA.

Also, yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Paul and I went to hear mass at greenbelt. The chapel and the whole greenbelt park are really full of people. It was really nice to see people still practicing their faith coz I’ve known some who don’t go to mass anymore. I just remember what the priest said during the sermon. It’s not having the ashes put on your forehead if you don’t really change for the better. If you just do that for the practice, better not to do it anymore. Putting ashes on the forehead is admitting your faults and hoping and committing to change for the better. I do hope that all of the people who were there yesterday, including me and paul are really serious in changing our lives to become good Christians.

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