Feast One Hundred and Fifty One

What is your favorite fruit?
    Who is someone you consider as a great model?
    My parents. My mom gave her all in taking care of us and she did a good job. And my dad spent years out of the country. He sacrificed his time with the family to provide for us and he did a great job too. I love them both!
      If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?
      Hmm.. If only New Zealand is an hour away... lolz! Anyway, I'd choose Manila Peninsula Hotel. I miss their spacious room and their sumptuous buffet.
        Main Course
        Name something you do too often.
        Blogging, so that I can document what's happening in our lives, especially on Lance's developments.
          Fill in the blank. I really like ______ because _______.
          I really like to go home now because I want to play and spend time with my two boys.

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          Melody said...

          Great feast!
          Enjoyed the pictures! :) You've such an adorable baby!

          Hope you've a great weekend ahead.

          Bongga Mom said...

          I'm Filipina too, so of course mangoes are my favorites!

          Gill said...

          I put peaches as my favourite, but I'm now wondering if I should have put mangoes LOL - being South African, I love those too! You have such a cute baby :-)

          Hootin'Anni said...

          Your dessert is so sweet!!

          Happy feasting Toni.

          Judy Thomas said...

          Happy Friday. Mangoes are right up there in the favorites, it seems. And, I have to admit, fresh mangoes are something! Your baby is so cute! No wonder you like rushing home to him :-)

          tegdirb92 said...

          I loved your dessert. That is so special!! Great Feast.

          Skittles said...

          Sorry.. I was distracted by the adorable baby pictures :)

          BeccaGirl said...

          I love your pictures you have beautiful babies!!!
          You are invited to my feast!

          abieco said...

          i loooove mangoes, too! ang cute talaga ng baby mo.