My Uncle the Trucker

I was watching this gameshow the other day on TV, and one of the contestants said that she fancied pickup trucks (and actually drives one) rather than cars. Well, I just had a little trip down memory lane. You see, one of my uncles is a truck enthusiast. He likes trucks so much that almost all his vehicles are utility vehicles. He had a pickup truck, a couple of Jeeps, and a few SUVs. Some might say that he doesn’t use them offroad. Yeah he doesn’t go offroad but he does use them for its utilitarian uses. He travels a lot in rural areas, and sometimes pulls a trailer with him.

I just talked to him a couple of years ago and we had a little discussion about his vehicle preference. He said that if he was going to get another truck, it would be a 4WD extended cab, with trailer hitch, roll bars and brush guards, running boards, a transfer tank, and a few other things I haven’t heard before. Some of the accessories he wanted weren’t available locally so he ordered them online. Not a problem when you got internet. I haven’t talked to him again after that but I wonder if he had gotten his wish. I’d like to see that truck and take it for a spin.

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