Paul's Ironworks?

Toni had an entry here about a week ago in which she said that we all went to Batangas to attend a procession. I remember her aunt telling me that Toni’s dad was some kind of a packrat. He would keep things that people would normally just get rid off. Well, I was told that there was a time wherein he sent home a huge box from the US that had a variety of stuff made from iron. He just told them to keep it just in case he would find a need for it at a later time. Some people might suggest on selling it at a junkshop but I (even with my lack of creativity) thought about building stuff out of it.

There’s a lot of things you could do out of things that seem like junk (is it beginning to sound like I'm a packrat too?). You could build let’s say a simple stool at the start. Maybe a corner table. Or if you’re really creative, make some art or sculptures out of iron. You see a lot of those now, modern art made of iron and steel. Nothing that a nice plasma cutter couldn’t do. When I go back to Batangas, maybe I could check it out and see what I can do.

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