Baby Slings

When I was pregnant with Lance, I started thinking and listing down things that I need buy when he arrives. From crib, cloth diapers, baby clothes and baby sling. Unfortunately I was not able to buy the sling. Some friends I know were using it and told me the advantages of the sling. They were really blaming me for not buying one. There was also a time where there was a discussion about baby slings on one of the egroups where I belong. They were telling us the advantages of the sling. Mommies can freely work with their two hands while carrying the baby. Most of the time, especially with newborns, they prefer to be clingy and would want to be cuddled always. With the baby sling, moms will still be able to do tasks and carry the baby at the same time. If I’ll be granted a second baby, I promise myself to buy a baby sling. :)

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