The last quarter of the year has started, and thankfully the weather’s getting cooler. It’s not as cool as I’d want it too but it’s better than the warm summer nights. Lance and I both perspire easily especially during the summer months so that is the most discomforting season for the both of us. One of the things I thought about is using dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in the room. It could really improve the indoor environment of our home.

I have read several reviews about this dehumidifier and it sounds like a good buy. Many have noted their easy as well as quiet operation and their efficiency. Hospitals use them, so why not in our homes? Dehumidifiers can even help in drying out a damp basement after a rainstorm. No one likes the stuffy feeling you get there. The site also has a huge selection from a lot of different vendors so comparing products and prices would be easy for us shoppers.

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