Lance at the Little Gym

Two weeks ago, fellow n@wie and June bride Suzette invited Lance to the Little Gym. Her daughter Sam is enrolled there and it was bring a friend day. The class was scheduled at 2:00pm and we got their a few minutes before 2. I was looking forward to this one because I want to see if Lance improved already on his social skills. The first time I took him to a playroom he was shouting at the kids playing. Thank God this time around he did not do that.

Lance had a great time at The Little Gym. He was all smiles when we were playing and doing the things the teacher asked us to do. He also knows how to walk na that’s why he loved exploring the gym. There was even a time that he made a little girl cry. I didn’t know kasi that he can stand and walk na by himself. I approached Paul to give him something and when I turned back, Lance was already walking and about to bump the girl. They both fell and the little girl started crying while Lance just rolled over and was smiling. I apologized to the little girl’s dad and thank God he did not get mad.

It’s not only Lance who enjoyed at The Little Gym. I enjoyed as well which makes us think if we’re going to enroll him or not. It’s kinda expensive din kasi kaya we’re not sure of that yet. Anyway, here are some pics of Lance at the gym:

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