Lance's Birthday Party

We had Lance’s party last September 29 at St Ignatius Hall. There was a storm on that day and we were so glad that the rain stopped at least an hour before the party starts. Guests were able to come and enjoy the party.

Early morning, Paul and I left to pick up the cake and have it delivered to the venue. Paul and I prayed on the car on our way because it was raining so hard. We were asking God to pour the rain now and make it stop later for the party. We were so thankful that God granted our prayer and guests did not have difficulty going to the place.

During the party, Lance was not on his usual mood. He was sleepy so he was not smiling at people. But even if he’s like that, he still did not sleep and did not cry too. He was just watching the kids play and was just looking at the host and the clowns.

We sure had a great time during the party and we’re thankful for the guests who were there and shared the day with Lance. But most of all, we’re thankful to God for giving us Lance and for making him healthy and strong all through his first year of life.

Other pics can be viewed here.

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