Let Me Take You Down Memory Lane

I’ve been tagged by Jen and Jody. Sorry sis, it took me awhile to answer this. Inisip ko pa answers ko eh. Hehe! Hirap ng makakalimutin na! Effect yata to ng anesthesia! Lolz! Anyway, here are my answers:

  1. Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson) – I think I was on my 6th grade, I was running for student council president and that’s what our party danced during the last day of the campaign. Fortunately I won.
  2. Looking Through the Eyes of Love (Melissa Manchester) – I learned of this song when I was studying keyboard/organ on my 4th grade. I learned how to play it and even until now when I see a piano, that’s the first song I’m going to play. It’s my masterpiece. Lolz!
  3. You to me are Everything (The Real Thing) – I was on my 3rd grade when our school chose 5 girls and 5 boys to dance during the school fair and this was the song. It’s really memorable because this is where I found good guy friends and we’re friends until now.
  4. Give it up (KC and the Sunshine) – Our community held a concert at Meralco Theater and I was one of the dancers and this was our final song. I had a hard time with this one because I was one of the dancers that are lifted and thrown to the air. Masakit siya sa katawan. Hehe!
  5. Grow Old With You (Adam Sandler) – entrance song namin ni Paul sa reception. Enough said.
  6. The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra) – our theme song. Well syempre hindi yung Frank Sinatra version, hehe. Ours was Rod Stewart’s version.

I’m tagging Nice, Peachy, Mhay and Mia. List down 6 songs which take you down memory lane and take us down there with you. Then tag 4 others to do the same!

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