Wall Sconce

Toni and I have been thinking about redecorating our house. Since her dad got discounts in his previous job, he was able to bring home a lot of items, most of which are for the house. Among the stuff he brought here were a lot of electrical stuff like switches, sockets, and receptacles to name a few. What I like in particular are wall sconce. Those are the brackets attached to the walls and it usually has a bulb inside.

With wall scones, you can save space in your bedside table as it is attached directly to the wall, so no need for a desk lamp. Plus, it only casts a soft reflective glow from the wall itself, meaning no glare and no more squinting like in a brightly lit room. Of course it would really depend on your personal taste, but I would seriously consider using sconces if we ever do a home makeover.

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