Thanks for the Friendship!

When I was bloghopping last week, I saw that Nice, Peachy and Mhay have an award for me. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it!

I would like to return back the award to you and to some other friends as well

Mhay – she’s not only a fellow mommy and blogger but is an officemate as well. She’s there whenever I have questions especially if it’s about being creative (wala kasi akong creativity sa katawan!) and she’s also very helpful when we were preparing for our company’s Christmas party.

Peachy – I’ve known her since wedding planning days pa lang since we’re both June brides and we have an egroup and we sometimes share notes on each other’s accomplishments at that time. We even had several EBs and we always had fun in those. She’s really nice and is always there whenever I buzz her at ym and tries to answer my questions. She’s really helpful also when I just gave birth, sharing her experiences with Joaqui since he’s a few months older than Lance.

Nice – I’ve known Nice since wedding planning days as well since we have the same designer. Though I haven’t seen her yet. I got to know her more through her site and of course when we chat at ym. Her name really describes how she is. Indeed Nice. She’s also there when I have questions especially now as I have started my own site. She even called me once here in our office just to answer my question. See! I told you she’s Nice!

Kitts – she’s also a mommy blogger and is part of the egroup where I belong. I’ve known her through again ym and has been a constant chatmate. We talk when we have a chance and if we’re both busy, we just buzz and say hi. I also haven’t met her yet but she’s really a great friend. She even volunteered doing Lance’s guest book for free when I was looking for one for Lance’s 1st birthday party! :)

Amore – I was introduced to her by fellow mommy bloggers and since then she became a friend. She set up my site and has always been a great help. She patiently answers my gazillion questions on how to go about designing the site and sometimes she’s the one who logs in to my account (whenever I don’t understand what she’s asking me to do. Lolz). Thanks ha!

Aggie – I’ve also known Aggie since wedding planning days. Like Peachy, she’s also a june bride but she was not able to attend any of our EBs (or yung time na nag attend ka, ako yung wala? Hehe). She’s really nice and is also a great friend. She’s also there when I have questions and tries to answer them as soon as she can. She’s the one who introduced me to paid blogging! :)

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