Comfort Food

I was tagged by Mhay. Thanks for the tag!

*My comfort food*

I would say that my comfort food is chocolates. I really can't last a day without eating at least one. Whether local or imported ones, I like them all. Good thing our parents always send some chocolates from abroad that's why we never ran out of supply. And whenever I buy cookies or biscuits, I make sure that they are chocolate flavored ones. I just love it!!!
* pic downloaded from wikipedia*

Can't resist to post this one too:

Shrimp is my favorite food. I love it regardless how it's cooked. But my all time favorite is the buttered-garlic shrimp. Yummy!!!
*pic from bubba gump site*

What about you Norm, Pheng, Vina and Mich, what is your comfort food?

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