Let's Chat

I was only introduced to chatting 3-4 years ago so you can say that I’m just an amateur chatter (if there’s such a term). I was glad though that I learned about it because at that time it helped in my communication with my high school friends while we were organizing our 10th year reunion. We sometimes create chat rooms to discuss our plans for the reunion. It served as our “meeting place” so that we won’t have to go out of our homes or offices just for the meeting. There we share one another’s suggestions and opinions on how to make the reunion fun and worth remembering. And there was my history of chatting. I loved it right away!

Next was when Paul was assigned to Taiwan, this was also our means of communicating with one another. It’s as if he’s just there beside me. We chat everyday upon arriving at our workplace and will continue chatting when we get home. In this way, we don’t miss each other that much since we get to communicate always.

Until now, I still am an active chatter. I go online when I get to work and as much as possible, I go online when I go home from work. I also met a lot of people through chat and they became good friends. It’s really a good avenue to communicate and make friends.

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