Our Weekend

I was not able to rest last weekend for we were out for two days. Saturday was Paul’s birthday and it was also Lance’s well baby check up and immunization.

While we were waiting for his pedia at the hospital, he was just playing around and running and shouting. The assistant called him to get his weight and my God, he’s already 12.5kgs at 13 months. No wonder my back and my arms hurt whenever I carry him. Hehe! When it was finally our turn, his pedia was telling me that his growth was like that of an infant. Because it seems he’s gaining at least 1kilo per month. Lolz! She then measured his height and head circumference but I can’t remember the measurements. Hehe! But she said that it is still in proportion to his weight. She then gave Lance his immunization (it’s Hepatitis A this time) and Lance cried when he was put down the cot. But he stopped crying na when we carried him. The pedia did not give us vitamins anymore (for obvious reason! Haha) and just told us that Lance is doing great. We just continue to teach him for more developments.

From the hospital, we went straight to Makati to pick up my parents and my sister. We will be having lunch at Seaside since it’s Paul’s birthday. We decided to eat there since we all love shrimp and my dad loves fish. We were so full upon finishing the meal. Even Lance loved the food. Well, he eats naman anything we give him eh. Hehe!

From Seaside, we went to MOA to look for a blouse for my mom. It will be the town fiesta this coming Saturday and my mom don’t have any blouse to wear. The ones she brought from the US don’t fit anymore! Lolz!! Unfortunately, we were not able to find a blouse that suits our taste so we went home after that.

Come Sunday, we all went to mass at 7:30 and had breakfast after the mass. After breakfast, my mom, my sister and I left again to look for a blouse for my mom. We went to Glorietta and finally were able to buy a blouse at Woman. My sister and I were able to buy our blouses as well but from a different store. I was also able to buy a pair or pants. From Glorietta, we went to NBC tent to check on the bazaar. We were not able to buy anything from there. :( And from NBC tent, we went to Boni High Street and Market Market. And finally went home!

Like what I said, I got really tired last weekend but I love it. I get to spend time with my mom for I’m sure I’ll miss her again when she leaves on the 30th.

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