Our ISO Audit

Last Dec. 3, our company once again had the audit for ISO 9001:2000. It was not only a surveillance audit but a re-assessment audit thereby making it more difficult. If we won’t pass the re-assessment audit, we won’t be ISO certified anymore and I might lose my job because of that. Hehe!

On the day of the audit, there were 3 auditors who went to our office, each were assigned a specific department to check the quality management system. They found some lapses on the system but did not raise a non-conformity. They just stated it as observations and we have to look into it for further improvement of the system.

At the end of the audit, they found our system still conforming to the standard with just one minor non-conformity on Document Control. There are some departments kasi who use some documents that are not being monitored and controlled by the Document Controller, but other than that the auditors said we’re doing ok. Yipee!!! That means I won’t be jobless for next year! Lolz!!!

I just submitted the corrective action for the non-conformity and we’re now waiting for our new certificate for ISO 9001:2000. :)

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