Baby Furniture

As Lance gets bigger, the more stuff we need to get for him of course. That’s why Toni and I are always on the look out for baby furniture. The thing is Lance has a lot of clothes (as gifts and hand me downs hehehe). We had a separate cabinet for him but he quickly filled that out so we set aside first some of the bigger clothes he got. When we brought them out after some time, some of them would hardly fit anymore. That’s why we decided to get him a new dresser, so we could arrange all his clothes so as not to forget about the other clothes he has. We still need to get more stuff for Lance, like his own bed, he can’t sleep in his crib or co-sleep with us all the time. And believe it or not, we’re also looking out for new baby cribs. His current cribs still do fine jobs on their own; it’s just that when we have another baby, we don’t think it’ll stand up to more abuse. Lance is big for his age, size and weight wise. What he’ll do some times is hold on to the bars of his cribs then shake them as hard as he can. We’d hear the crib creak every time he does this, and the whole crib would even move several inches from its place from his shaking. So in a way, Toni and I are always on the prowl for baby stuff. :)

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