Building Houses and More..

My godfather who is a civil engineer has several projects this year. What a way to start the year, right? He said that some of his projects include building a 2 storey house, a bungalow, and some buildings. I remember my two uncles got him when they were building their own house and I love how both house turned out. Plus according to my uncles, the construction did not take long and they did not encounter any problems.

My godfather was telling me that he always make sure that he is up to date with the current developments in the construction industry. He makes sure that he is aware of the CSkills needed and also the rest of the employees in the firm. Constructing buildings or houses entails a big amount of money so he has to make sure that he won’t fail his clients. I told him that if ever we’ll be getting our new house, I’d like him to be the one in-charge of everything. I do hope we can have our own house soon.

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