Daily Routine

I seldom watch tv at home. My normal routine for weekdays would be waking up at 5am (the time when Hannah usually wakes up), play with her then leave the bed around 6am to prepare for work. Lance usually wakes up between 6:30-7:30am depending on what time he slept the night before. When he wakes up, I play with him for a couple of minutes then take a bath. I leave for work at 8am then come home by 7pm. When I get home, the kids are usually in the room na playing so I play with them again until it’s time to put them to sleep. And by that time, I’m sleepy na din so I don’t go out of the room anymore. I only go out if it’s time for dinner and that’s it. I don’t want to put tv inside our room and so I don’t get to watch shows anymore. If ever I want to watch a tv series, I just ask for copies from my cousin and that’s it. I just update myself by browsing the net or sometimes listen to my colleagues during lunch time. :)

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