A friend told me that their house was almost robbed when they spent a weekend out of town. Good thing her brother lives in the same area and decided to check their house. She said her brother saw 2 men at the back door trying to open it but when they noticed him, the burglars immediately ran and passed by the vacant lot beside their house. They were not able to catch who those people were but were thankful that they did not lose anything. It’s really scary now because due to poverty, so many people resolve to robbing houses or worse banks just to have money. Haayy….
I remember when we were robbed before. Our family spent All Saints Day in our province and no one was left at home. We stayed in the province for four days and when we got home, our door was left unlocked. We immediately checked our things and when we got to the bedroom, all our things were on the floor, clothes, bags, documents, etc. Our jewelries were stolen including the rare coins my mom used as their arrhae when they got married. Even my uncle’s gun was stolen.
My dad was crying when we were fixing our things. He was telling us that it took a long time for him to get those jewelries and give to us and then with a snap all were gone. My mom was trying to comfort my Dad but I can see in her face that she was sad too. The stolen coins were given to her by my grandparents and I’m sure they are hard to find. Some may sell coins but these are often counterfeit. Only companies like Monaco Rare Coin will have those kinds of coins. They are trusted leaders and are known for having these kinds of investments including gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.
Anyhow, my friend’s recent experience made me more cautious whenever we leave the house. We make it appoint to tell our next door neighbor that we are leaving and if they can watch over our house while we’re gone. We also inform my SIL’s family since they live nearby.

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