Praying The Rosary

One of the things that I’d like to do again is to pray the rosary and to pray it daily. When I was a child, our family prays the rosary everyday during October, that being the month of the holy rosary. I remember my mom will call all of us to be together in the living room where we will put our Mama Mary, light a candle and all of us will kneel while praying. My brother, sister and I alternate in leading the rosary. We continued doing that until I think I graduated college although sometimes we’re not complete anymore because of our schedules. But my mom made sure that we will pray the rosary.

And now that I’m a mom already, I’d like to continue doing that with my family. My kids are still young so I’d like to start with myself first. And I got more inspired to do this when I saw again pictures of our late President Cory Aquino. She is a Marian devotee and their family always prays the rosary.  

I tried praying the rosary the other night and I was not able to finish it. I fell asleep when I was praying Hail Holy Queen and continued it when I woke up hehehe! Anyway, I will really do my best to pray the rosary each night. I hope when I have a fixed schedule of doing it, I won’t fall asleep na. Wish me luck! :)

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