After 3 Weeks

I was able to go to the gym again last night. I just ran on the treadmill and spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. I did not use other equipments yet because I don’t want to force my body to doing lots of workout. I’ll do that on the coming weeks. Side kwento, how come other people are so annoying? There was this old woman who was using the treadmill that I’m about to use. My schedule was 6pm so when it was time already, I approached the lady and told her that her time is up. She glared at me and asked me for my proof, as if I’m stealing the equipment from her. So I showed her my slip and that’s the only time she left and you can see in her that she’s mad. Hello!! Doesn’t she understand the concept of scheduling? Anyway, she transferred to another machine that we’re scheduled at 6:30. When it’s 6:30 already, my colleague asked one of the trainers to approach the same old woman since she hasn’t left the machine yet even if it’s time already. She again demanded for the slip as if my colleague is lying. After the trainer showed her the slip, she left glaring again. Haayyy…kainis talaga! I hope we won’t encounter her again when we go to the gym next time. 

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