I Miss My Parents

…especially my mom. The last time she was here was January last year for our grand family reunion. My dad was here naman last November for my uncle’s death anniversary and at the same time to check on us since we were affected by Ondoy. Thanks to technology, we get to talk to them online (though this is very seldom) or when they call us on the phone every weekend. Last night, they called us to check how we’re doing especially my kids since both came from cough and colds the previous week. I was not able to talk to them that much because I was putting Hannah to sleep when they called. They just talked to my sister and according to my sis, my dad sometimes complain of joint pains that he needs a joint pain relief to lessen the pain. But other than that, both of them are doing ok. I do hope they have travel plans this year so that we get to see them again.

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