Birthday Party

Another super long overdue post.

Last year, we were supposed to have a joint birthday celebration at Bounce; Lance will turn 3 while Hannah will turn 1. Unfortunately, one week before the party, typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines and we were affected. Bounce too was badly affected by Ondoy that they had to cease operations. We were asked to choose between rescheduling the party or cancel it. We chose to cancel for we don’t know when they will resume operations. Maloy and Rich, bounce’s owners, assured us that they will return the money we deposited early on.

Anyhow, I decided to still have a party for them despite us having to spend for repairs, or buying stuff that needs to be replaced and so on. Besides, I want them to forget what we went through during the typhoon and just think about the party. And so I booked the nearest Jollibee branch in our place and asked for the nearest weekend that they can give us. Fortunately, they still have available Saturday schedule but it’s either 9-11am or 6-8pm. I chose the morning sched and asked them to reserve it for me.

The kids had a great time during the party. There were some guests who were not able to make it though because they were caught in traffic. I think there was an event at the QC circle and some of the major roads were closed. We had plenty of excess food that we gave it to the guests and the rest we took home.

Upon getting home, we realized that we still have plenty of food so Paul and I decided to give it to the street children. We went to the overpass along marcos highway and looked for street children and gave them the food. It was a good feeling having celebrated the kids’ birthday party and at the same time sharing them with the less fortunate children.

Here are some pics during the party:

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