I’m one of those guys who are often approached by people from banks and other financial institutions to avail of their credit cards. I always have a ready answer – I have no existing credit card. That’s always enough for them to back off. I have never owned a credit card in my name. I have always used cash. If I didn’t have it – I won’t buy it, because I couldn’t afford it. Some might say that’s the way it’s supposed to be in the first place. But having a credit card can be helpful for those emergency purchases – just make sure you pay on time and above the minimum amount due. I’m certain that if I they run credit checks on me, the results of their credit reports wouldn’t be so good for me. That’ll be a bane when I apply for bank loans. Maybe it’s about time I get myself a credit card. If I did, I just wish I could maintain a good credit standing.

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