I was reading something about richard willich the other night when my sister knocked on the door and asked if I want to have a copy of the winter finale episode of fringe. Of course I said yes, and when she gave it to me, I immediately watched it. The episode was so nice that I watched it again this morning. Now I can't wait for the coming episodes. Questions filled my mind like, what will Liv do now that she knows that Peter is from the other universe? Or, will Walter reveal to Liv what really happened to Peter. Arrgghh... now I'm really getting excited for the coming episodes. Too bad I need to wait for a few weeks since they are on break now.

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Maver said...

May season 1 ka? Pahingi naman. :D

Paul and Toni said...

hi! ngayon ko lang nakita comment mo. yup meron ako, tsaka season 2. pano ko bigay sa yo? :D