Ocular Inspection

Last Thursday, I was tasked by our President to visit one of the resorts in Batangas to see if we can have our summer outing there. We were hoping to find a place similar to those who had an Orlando vacation so that the employees will enjoy. So off I went together with 3 of my officemates. Our President is kind enough to let us use his Fortuner so that we will be comfortable during the trip. We didn’t like the place he suggested so we went to visit other resorts. We found one that we like and we think the employees will love it but the person we talked to said we have to coordinate with the Manila office for the reservations. Last Friday, we called the resort but unfortunately they are fully booked until June. The committee will have a meeting this afternoon to discuss more venues and set a schedule for ocular again. We are targeting to have the outing by next month so we only have a few weeks to work on. I hope we will be able to find a good place.

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