I have so many rants this week. Yesterday I was ranting about work and this morning, I was ranting about the vacant lot beside our house. We’ve been complaining that there are so many mosquitoes in our house lately. My yayas said that it’s because of the vacant lot beside our house. There are so many trees and plants that it’s as if you’re in a jungle (I hope there’s no snake there). Some branches of the trees even cross our fence na. We don’t know who the owner of the lot so we asked our neighbor if they know who the owner is. One of the neighbors said that the caretaker is on the other street so I went there this morning. The lady asked what our concern is so I explained it to her and after that she said that they don’t have the contact number anymore since it got washed out by Ondoy. When she said that, I asked her in what way can we get in touch with the owner because she really needs to do something with the lot. Then I told her that if not, I have no choice but to report it to the proper authorities (maybe the barangay) and maybe they’ll help me with my concern. She then said that she has a friend who lives within the village who knows the owner too and she’ll ask her for the number. I told her I’ll get back to her today or tomorrow for the number. After that I said goodbye and left.

It’s really annoying because when I go home, kids have bites on different parts of their bodies and that the repellant doesn’t seem to work anymore. Everybody knows that mosquitoes tend to bring dangerous viruses so I really want t the lot to be cleared. It used to be just a vacant lot with nothing on it so mosquitoes are not as rampant as it is now. I really hope the owner will do something about it coz if not, I won’t stop until I get the results I want.

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