As I was searching on colon cleansing pill that my niece needs for her final report, I heard a loud cry coming from Lance in the other room. At first I thought Lance was hurt again because Hannah hit him. She always does that whenever she wants to that Lance sometimes doesn’t want to play with her anymore. Anyhow, I went to the room and asked what happened. Paul said that Lance was playing with his blocks and trying to build a tower but whenever it’s high already, here comes Hannah pulling one of the blocks causing everything to fall down. So when Lance lost his patience already, he cried. As they grow, I observed that they have this love-hate relationship. Both of them enjoy playing with each other and you can see that they love each other but there are times that both resent one another. Like what I mentioned, Hannah sometimes hits her Kuya when he doesn’t want to play anymore. And sometimes, Lance pushes Hannah when he doesn’t want her to be near him that Hannah sometimes gets hurt. I love watching them grow together and I do hope they will continue caring for one another as they grow older.

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