All About Make Up

I admit, until now I still don’t know how to apply make-up. I’m thankful that most of the women in our office don’t put make-up also so I am not pressured. Hehe! But still, I’d like to learn how to put them on, even the simple ones so that whenever I attend a formal gathering or some event that requires me to be more presentable, I can easily do them myself and that I don’t have to go to a salon anymore. One of my HS batch mate knows how to put on make-up and even made it her career. She said she learned just by watching videos then trying them on to her and got the hang of it until she can perfectly come up with a beautiful face. She said she knows that there are still a lot to learn so she wants to go to a cosmetology school in Texas since she heard good feedbacks about the school and she knows that she will learn a lot from it and be better with her craft. Plus the school has a program where students undergo training to provide high-quality and discounted salon services to the public. This program is being supervised by someone from the faculty. I really hope my batch mate will achieve her dream and be better with what she’s doing now.

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