Enrollment Time

I heard some people here in the office complaining that it is again time to enroll their children to school. Some of them resort to having payday advance since their salary can’t cover for the tuition of their children. Some have three or four children to enroll and they have to find ways to make sure that their kids will be able to go to school.
We’re thankful that we were able to enroll Lance already and is just waiting for a call from their school on what time will their orientation be. When I enrolled Lance three weeks ago, I was told that our schedule for orientation will be on June 5 and we will just wait for their call for the exact time. I’m glad almost everything is included in their tuition such as books, field trips, art materials, uniform, etc. I just need to Lance a pair of shoes and a trustworthy school service and we’re all set. I now have a pre-schooler!

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