…is getting better each episode. I don’t know what will happen on their season finale and I can’t wait for it to air next week. They crossed the parallel universe already and “The Secretary” said there will be war when it happens. I also wonder on which side Peter will support when the war starts. I’m really excited! Watch out for the season finale on May 20. :)

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Frances said...

Peter will be on the side of our Earth! Well, it is hard to choose, I guess, considering he is (a) from another universe and (b) he feels betrayed by Walter's kidnapping.

But I think he'll eventually still end up choosing our universe because (a) he's spent more time here so this is his home, (b) he loves Olivia Dunham, and (c) did you see the freaky drawing of the machine??? Walternate is going to use Peter as the ultimate weapon to destroy the universe!

Paul and Toni said...

hi frances! i can't believe you wrote a comment on my blog. i'm touched hehe! anyway, yeah i think and i hope peter will choose our earth but yes it's really hard to choose considering the points you stated. my sister downloaded a copy now and i can't wait to watch it.