Last Hurrah

My officemates were so disappointed when our company announced that we won’t be having a summer outing anymore despite the previous announcement. The employees were looking forward to it and we even had an ocular inspection on the possible venues where we can go. Unfortunately, our President disapproved the proposed venues because he wants to have our outing somewhere with a golf course like that of Myrtle Beach golf courses.

In fact, on one of the ocular inspections, he asked us to check one of the golf courses and asked about their packages if it’s at par with Myrtle Beach golf packages. When we told him the rates, he said we can push through with our outing there but sadly, the rates for the employees are way above our budget. So what happened was, our President asked his secretary to check on other golf courses like that of so he can still continue to play golf and for my officemates, who decided they’ll just go to the beach on their own and not rely on our company resources anymore. I hope to join them when they find a nice venue and this will be my last hurrah before the summer finally ends.

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