When was the last time you laughed a lot?:
~ last Saturday with my HS friends
Do you like the movie Balto?:
~ can't comment. i haven't seen the movie
When was the last time you had a real smile on your face?:
~ today. plenty of good news plus my kids makes me smile all the time
Do you have any close friends of the opposite sex?:
~ yes
Your thoughts on mohawks?:
~ reminds me of puck :D
Do you have a crazy side?:
~of yes
Do you have unlimited texting?:
~ yes
What was the last thing someone borrowed from you?:
~ my sister borrowed my usb
What color is the closest doorknob?:
~ silver
Currently listening to anything?:
~ the sound of the aircon
Do you own anything embarrassing?:
~ yeah
Have you ever sat on a rooftop and just stared at the stars?:
~ yes
Have you been on the computer so long that your butt's numb?:
~ yes! a lot of times LOL!
Have you added any Apps on your Facebook? Which ones?:
~ yes but only a few
What was the last drink you had?:
~ orange juice
What's plugged into the nearest outlet?:
~this laptop :)

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