My Weekend

I had a tiring weekend! Yesterday, I went to work to finish some tasks assigned to me; from work I went to Club 650 to watch the badminton tournament where some of my colleagues are players; at 6pm Paul picked me up for we will watch Ironman 2 at Eastwood mall. We went home last Saturday night around 11pm already.

Today, thank God the kids are asleep already that I can read something about motorhome towing services that my cousin asked me to do. My kids probably got tired from our activities today. Morning we all woke up early to hear mass, then we had breakfast and then went to the grocery. In the afternoon, we went to SM Annex to let the kids play at Active Fun. There were so many kids there but my kids had a wonderful time. And now, all three of them (including Paul) are asleep already. :D

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