Paul the Pirate

Paul is on leave today due to the stye in his left eye. He was complaining about it last week and even took a leave last Friday to visit an ophthalmologist. He was given an eye drop and was asked to comeback today. This afternoon he went back to the doctor to have his eye checked. The doctor said he needs to remove the pus and scrape it to make sure that he was able to remove the bacteria. When he was done, he texted me and asked if I can pick him up at the hospital and so I went. I was expecting I’ll see him with an eye patch because he won’t be asking me to go there if he can go home by himself. I’m sure he’s uncomfortable without his glasses and just wants to make sure he’ll be fine. He said naman that the doctor told him he can remove the eye patch tomorrow and just clean it with mineral water. He was also given a prescription in case there’s pain. And so here he is now:

Lance was surprised when he saw his dad but he was ok with it. Hannah on the other hand doesn’t want to go near him. She only hugs and kisses her dad if I go with her. Hehe! I hope by tomorrow, Paul’s eyes will be better na :)

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