Pool Supplies for Summer Fun

If you've installed a pool, chances are you're interested in keeping cool and having fun this summer. Whether you're planning time hanging out with your friends or thinking of spending time outdoors with your small children, pool supplies can help ensure that everyone has a good time.

Rafts make floating around the pool fun. They come in a variety of sizes. You may choose an adult raft, complete with cup holders, so you can lounge in comfort. Smaller toddler and baby sized rafts are available, but require adult supervision.

Pool toys are another fun addition to summer. Floating dart boards, ring toss sets, or diving ring sets all add fun to the pool. Smaller children will enjoy balls, floating toys, or wind up pool toys that swim. Buckets and cups for dumping are always fun for little ones as well. Noodles, beach balls, or even a volleyball set can be added to your pool. With all of these choices, it should be easy to keep your family entertained!

You should also purchase any supplies that you'll need for maintaining your pool. Pool chemicals, a skimmer, and filter will become essential summer equipment. Why not purchase enough chemicals at the beginning of the year to open your pool and maintain it all summer? After all, it's no fun to run out of essential pool chemicals and have to take a break from swimming until you can buy more. Stock up to avoid this situation.

You'll also want to be sure that you purchase beach towels, sunglasses, and pool shoes for each member of your family. This can help prevent fights over who took the towel. Everyone has their own, so there's no need for an argument. Keep everyone's pool supplies, along with a stash of sunscreen, in a basket near your back door or in your pool house, so that you'll always have them on hand.

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