Things to Do:


  1. Finish my presentation on What People Want, send to RTC and present for approval
  2. Join Mancom for Balanced Scorecard meeting with Solar division
  3. Layout and write-up for Adtelekast
  4. Meet with Installation for new contractor policies
  5. Meet with channel division to discuss concerns on sub-standard materials and sanctions to impose to contractors.
  6. A lot more… :D


  1. Update my resume. Saw a nice template for resumes that I’d like to use for my CV
  2. Finish tasks before cut-off
  3. Take the kids somewhere today
  4. Finish photobook for my parents. Need to choose pictures for photobook for our honeymoon and other adventures. They got destroyed by ondoy :(
  5. Finalize plans with college friends.

Whew! There’s a lot more that I need to do that I did not list down here. But the ones I listed down are important that I need to finish right away.

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