Time To Buy

Our washing machine gave up on us a few weeks ago and wouldn't work anymore. The dryer still works though but the one doing the washing totally conked out. We think that one of the culprits is the typhoon ondoy that hit our country and our area was one of the most affected cities. Our furniture and other equipment including the washing machine were covered with water and mud for almost twenty four hours during that frightful night. Anyhow, my maids indirectly told me to buy a new washing machine so that it will be easier and faster for them when they do the laundry. Paul and I then went to the mall to canvass and check the features of the washing machines. We’re comparing those of the twin tubs versus the automatic ones to see which one will be appropriate for us. We haven’t arrived with a decision yet but as soon as we have one, I’m sure I’ll need a payday advance for payment to this machine. :)

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