Custom Sticker Printing on a Budget

Businesses can use various avenues to gain the attention of customers: television and radio commercials, social media, billboards, pamphlets, postcards, and custom stickers. One of the most inexpensive ways to reach a wide audience is to employ the skills of a custom sticker printing company to create an image or brand that consumers can easily identify with your business. The following tips will help you choose a design that's in your budget.

Initially, you have to think about how and where your stickers will be posted. Paper stickers are for one-time use and come in several varieties and colors. Glossy, metallic, matte, and neon are just a few of the options that are available. If your sticker is intended to be long-lasting or placed outdoors, go with vinyl, which tends to be a little more expensive but lasts much longer. To make vinyl stickers last even longer, opt for laminated vinyl, which involves applying a thin sheath of clear plastic to the sticker.

Custom stickers can be made in all manner of shapes, from standard shapes like circles, squares, and ovals to intricate, custom shapes known as die cuts. Die cut shapes are cut out of a material by a custom made die; it's similar to cutting cookies with a cutter. Die cut stickers are usually very expensive and are not recommended for mass advertising. It's more prudent to use standard shapes which are less expensive. Print time will also be much faster with standard shapes.

Most printing companies can print in many different colors. Using standard ink colors will save time and money as opposed to using specialized colors. Process color, or four-color, is applied when printing photo-quality stickers. It's best to go with standard colors for your budget's sake. When you visit a custom sticker printing shop, apply these tips to your design and your stickers will be worth the investment.

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