Dogs and What We Do For Them

Everybody knows the saying "a dog is a man's best friend," and to a point, that's true. Human/dog relations have progressed a lot more than the relationship between humans and felines. When was the last time a cat ran into a burning building to save its master? When did you read a book about a young boy and a cat having adventures through the rolling hills, and it's only when the cat dies while saving the boy from a grizzly bear that the boy realizes what an integral part of his life this pet was? It doesn't happen. On the hand, we as humans are doing our part: We take in dogs from animal shelters. We take them into our homes and make them part of our families. We bathe them and brush their teeth, and give them shots and buy them medicine. We take the time to know which medicines to buy for them--Sentinel for dogs for heartworms, antibiotics for infections. We buy all sorts of doggy products like sleeping pillows, leashes, chew toys, more chew toys, and bones for special occasions.

The dogs do their part, too. You uphold your end of the this relationship, and in return, your dog goes on adventures through rolling hills with you. He gambols over when you're watching TV, and he curls up next to you. When Aunt Muriel makes her ceviche, he'll be under the table ready to help a guy out. A dog will be the single most loyal life form you ever encounter.

So, step up to the plate, and extend a hand towards canines. Help perpetuate the excellent bond that we share with dogs. Ask not what your dog can do for you, but what you can do for your dog, and it will lead to smiling faces and wagging tails, rolling hills without end.

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