Favorite Subject

When I was still a student, my favorite subject was Math. I love solving problems and coming up with solutions to arrive with one answer. And one of the math subjects that I like solving is Algebra 1. Even during high school days I prefer solving those kinds of problems compared to Trigonometry. Even some of my classmates ask for my help when ever we have seat works. There was even a time that our instructor scolded us because we were comparing answers. LOL!

And because of my love for math (and also because I failed on the exam for the medical course I plan to take), I ended up taking Engineering. This is also because I was encouraged by my brother to take up this course. Anyhow, since my course is engineering, we have plenty of math subjects such as Trigonometry, Algebra 2, Differential and Integral Calculus, and so on. And just like during high school, some of my classmates are having a hard time arriving at Algebra 2 Answers whenever we have exams. Some seek online help for tutoring and I’m glad there are sites that offer those kinds of services at a cheaper rate. It really is a big help to the students. :)

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