I want a vacation!!! It is still hot in my part of the world but the weather bureau said that it’s going to start raining soon. Now my dream of relaxing under the warm sun is fading away. Add to that, school days will be starting soon and it will be my son’s first time so we really can’t go on a vacation anymore. I even dreamt that I’m in one of the Breezes Resorts enjoying one of their all inclusive vacation packages with great food and accommodation. I’m sure some of you have dreamt the same. Who wouldn’t? About my dream, I was in Runaway Bay Jamaica enjoying their world class amenities, superb food, sitting by the hammock and looking at the endless beach! I also dreamt of enjoying water activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and of course swimming at the pool or the beach! My all time favorite sport! After my water activities, I had a soothing spa on one of the villas by the beach. That would be nice, right? My husband on the other hand is playing golf with his business partners and even had a hole-in-one! Now this is really a dream because for one, we don’t have a business and two, my husband doesn’t know how to play golf :D When I wake up, I remembered my dream and it makes me want to have a vacation more! I want to go back to sleep and hope to dream about Negril Jamaica, a world-acclaimed resort with magnificent miles of silver sand. I hope next time; it won’t be a dream anymore but a dream come true! That would be perfect!

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