Workplace Stress Busters

To many, the workplace is among the top sources of stress. Here are tips on how to get through each workday intact.

  • Get adequate breaks during the working day. Stop for a drink or go outside for a walk.
  • Talk with your colleagues, manager, union representatives, friend, or partner about what is causing your stress.
  • Remember the basic building blocks to avoid stress: learn relaxation techniques, exercise, eat well, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Be optimistic. Believe that the problems causing you stress are solvable and that things will get better.
  • Ask for new tasks if you are stuck on boring, repetitive, or meaningless ones.
  • Connect with your colleagues. Take time to talk to them about their work and yours. You may be able to help each other when workloads are heavy, or give each other sympathy and moral support. Technology is a prime cause of stress. Not every email needs an instant response. Just because you can check your work emails during the weekend doesn’t mean you should. Turn off your mobile phone or don’t answer work calls outside of working hours.
* got this article from this month's issue of health today

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