Buying A House

My parents are going home for good at the end of the year and they are thinking of buying a house. They asked us to check if the house we are currently renting is for sale since they are interested in buying it. We already asked the owners and are just waiting for their reply. I hope he replies soon so that we can discuss the home plans. In case the owner won’t sell the house, we need to search for a different house. I’m hoping that it’s still within the area or at least on one of the villages near our area so that it will be near Lance’s school. But I think my sister prefers to buy a house in the southern area. Anyhow, we told my parents that we can’t contribute with the finances but showed them the homes plans we saw online. It can give an estimated cost based on the size of the lot, the number of bedrooms, how many floors, the number of bathrooms, and size of the garage. I just talked to my parents earlier and they said they’ll wait for the reply of the owner before they decide. In the meantime, they asked us to continue checking the house floor plans we found online. I have mixed emotions on my parents coming home. The place where they are is not polluted it is gentle on my mom’s asthma and I’m concerned about their health. On the other hand, I’m happy also because I miss them so much and it’s really about time that they rested and enjoyed their golden years hopefully in their dream house.

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MiLeT said...

uy toni, daming for sale sa rancho one. meron din dito malapit sa min. mga newly constructed. we're very near marist school, ingenium and smallville. daming magagandang school dito sa malapit ;) nde rin bahain. haha.

Paul and Toni said...

talaga? sige mabisita nga. thanks ha! :)